The Ghalavani Mountains are a series of HIGHLY volcanic mountains located in the Ghalavan region on the Multi Island. It is known to be the habitat of many different creatures that have been living there, due to their natural fire-base as a result of evolving there over millions of years, such as fire salamanders and phoenixes.

In the year 2013, when the heir to the Quadrillian throne reached his coming-of-age, in order to take the crown from the tyrrant King Fredrick XVII, Mewx was given the task of defeating and taming the King of all Phoenixes, located at the top of Mount Glawio Lafa tan Wawr inbetween the tri-border of the Shadow Forest, the Badlands, and the Ghalavan region. After a ten-week long journey from the captial of Glitch, over the Polar Ice Caps, across the Blind Strait, through the Arid lands, to the peak of Mount Glawio Lafa tan Wawr. After a three-day long fight with the King of all Phoenixes, he was finally defeated and was tamed by Mewx, which he used to fly back to Glitch City in three hours. He flew down onto the city, atop his winged fire-beast, giving King Fredrick XVII a lethal heart attack, bringing the Glitched Nation into a new era of prosperity. With the old king murdered and a new king sitting in the throne, people now look at the Glitched Nation with respect. As Mewx's first proclaimation as King of Quadrillia, he ordered all of the greatest artists on the planet to come into the Glitch Palace and make him a stained-glass window commemorating the three-day fight and following murder of the tyrannt Fredrick XVII.