The Infiltration is the an upcoming episode of TheMewx.

The infiltration poster by themewx-d6dcp78

The Infiltration-0

The Infiltration-0



It begins with two kids running away from Mewx, with his tablet in their hands. They disappear into a big fortress, and Mewx calls John and Cody for backup, only to find out that they were behind him the whole time. They get past the gate and permeate (it's a word, look it up) the fortress in search of Mewx's stolen tablet. For the record, in the end, Cody was able to pick up the tablet. While Dr. EC was falling down the stairs, he put it in his hoodie pocket.

Release Dates:

YouTube release date: 27 Nov 2013

Newgrounds release date: 28 Nov 2013