TheMewx Wiki

This music is made by Ethan's friends, and sometimes himself.

YOU'RE JUST MASHING BUTTONS (TheMewx Main Theme) by Cruz (TheDelightfulKnight)

Ethan's Song (Main Background Theme) by Justin (PukingVictory)

Introduction (Unknown Theme) by Ethan (TheMewx)

The Race (Unknown Theme) by Ethan (TheMewx)

Wew (Infiltration Theme) by Ethan (TheMewx)

Zhe Race (Intense version of The Race) by Ethan (TheMewx)

Broadcast (Background theme for when Paul Higgins and Norman Brown report) by Ethan (TheMewx)

Broadcast Introduction (Theme for when a news report occurs) by Ethan (TheMewx)

Chaos (Theme for when there is a major conflict) by Ethan (TheMewx)

Drop The Bombs (Unknown Theme) by Ethan (TheMewx)

Some Theme (Unknown Theme) by Ethan (TheMewx)

The Race (Completed Version) by Ethan (TheMewx)