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Mewx is one of the main characters of TheMewx, along side with John and Cody. From 2012 to Present day, Mewx has been voiced by his real-life counterpart Ethan Bell.
Name: Mewx
First Appearance:

"Tis true me friendly jerks!" 

Last Appearance: None
Voice Actor: Ethan Bell (2012 - Present)

Personality: Ethan, (his friends call him Mewx unless he's in trouble) is shown to get into trouble sometimes. He tends to not care for people sometimes (given the situation.). Mewx is shown to continue on from John with blowing up The Patrick, and he gets banned for nearly doing so. Mewx tends to have a lot of counterparts that hate him, as well as his arch-nemise, Dr. E.C.

Quotes: "As Simon Pegg once said, 'There's no i in team, but there is an i in pie.'"

Alternative Forms


Francis Monroe

Replikiller: MEWX



List of deaths

Fight For The Patrick!: '''''banned from the server.

PokeDeath 2: Made Electrode use explosion which killed him in the process.

PokeDeath 2.5: PALKIA SMASH: Crushed by Palkia.

Cody notreallyHD: Burnt up by Cody.

The Sneeze: Killed by The Sneeze.

Food Fight: Clones killed in multiple ways throughout the battle.



"It's gonna lag"