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A parody of Shaun Of The Dead by Cody Harrison (ChainReactionsPro).

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John is an average Walmart cashier, who lives with Channel 15 News anchorman, Paul Higgins. John feels that there is an empty hole in his life, which he desperately attempts to fill. First, he tries to start a relationship with a gamer (Rey) from Georgia, which flops. Then, he tries picking up a hobby. He meets with a Russian computer specialist (Cody), and they begin talking about meeting together to hack Minecraft servers. He recieves both the gamer's and the computer specialist's phone number as a result of meeting them. He then goes to the candy store with Paul Higgins and they get a sugar rush. The next morning they wake up, unable to remember the events of the evening, and wake up to find that the city of Keller, Texas has been overrun with zombies.

Directed by Cody
Produced by Cody





Release Date 2014