Ethan Bell
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Name: Ethan [Mewx] Bell
First Appearance: Tis true me friendly jerks!
Last Appearance: N/A
Voices: Mewx

|} Ethan Bell is the voice-actor of Mewx .

Ethan is also the creator, animator, and main writer of TheMewx .

At the age of 13, Ethan was bored one day so he made a animation on his iPod and called it "PokeDeath ", and uploaded it to his now closed YouTube channel "DMA2517 " which marked his very first animation [Not to be confused with DMA.].

Early life:

Ethan was born in Gardner, Massachusetts on February 17, 1998. Several years later when Ethan moved to Texas in 2000, he was kind of lonely because no other kids lived near him. In 2001, he was old enough to enter Kindergarten, and which he was a trouble maker and Ethan once recalled "My teacher told my classmate's parents and mine that there is that one kid that would draw something inappropriate, and guess who it was. Me." This marked the first known drawing Ethan has ever made.

Internet reign begins:

In 2009, he finally made a YouTube account called TheMewx . Shortly afterwards he was harassed by a troll, which made him quit YouTube until 2011 when he made DMA2517 and uploaded his first video, PokeDeath . In 2008 Ethan became a Boy Scout, and in 2009 he decided to transfer to a new troop in which in 2010 he met a new friend, Cody . Ethan later on came back to TheMewx  and Cody introduced Ethan to John in 2012. 

Present day:

Finally in 2013, Ethan decided to make more animations and he needed characters. So made Mewx , Cody and John wanted to be in the animations as well, so they all three make content for there fans to enjoy to this day. Ethan did recently create a second channel called, Mewx2ns  where he uploads different styles of animation ranging from his usual style to stop motion.