Eddsworld: The Movie is a fanmade feature film based on the Eddsworld series. The film is being produced in conjunction with the series' tenth anniversary (as the film is marketed with a glowing golden "10" in the logo), and is set to be released in 2014.

308px-Film logo

Directed by Marc Lovallo
Produced by

Marc Lovallo

Jonah Good

Written by

Marc Lovallo

Radley Catubig

Jonah Good

Release Date 2014


Currently not much is known about the plot. Screenshots of the script have revealed that Edd, Matt and Tom are going to be held captive in some sort of facility, then escape, and that at one point they will have to be carrying guns. Posters have revealed that Commander Bai is set to appear, as well as Sergeant Hilarson from Moving Targets; a silhouette of Tord is also noticeable, possibly hinting at a main role.

From the film's official Tumblr, this is the main plot:

Commander Bai and his crew crash land on Earth, and are now engaged in a war with the British military and the United States army. Now it's up to Edd, Matt, and Tom to stop the war and save the planet.

There is a rumor that the movie will include close to every character that has appeared in past Eddsworld episodes.


  • Edd
  • Tom
  • Matt
  • Tord
  • Commander Bai
  • General McCoy - McCoy is an original character created for the film, and will be portrayed as the main antagonist.

Production CrewEdit

The film is being directed and co-produced by Marc Lovallo (known in the Eddsworld community for writing and drawing fan comics), with Jonah Good serving as co-producer. The script is being written by Lovallo and Good, along with co-writer Radley Catubig.

In a recent update video from September 2013, it was confirmed that three animators, five music composers and four voice actors were hired to work on the film. The film's deviantART group page shows that Billy Crinion (BillyBCreationz) is serving as an animator for the film.

And Ethan Bell (TheMewx) is helping with signs and posters for the backgrounds in the movie.


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