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DMA actually has a long history. He was first shown on a YouTube channel called: DMA2517 in 2011, and it featured Ethan dressed up as him. When people wanted to see Ethan's face, he decided to make DMA a character he plays as. In 2012, after DMA2517 was hacked, Ethan was given a new channel called KeepingPokemonEpic in which he plays as very rarely. After Ethan decided to quit KPE in early 2013, he went back to TheMewx and make DMA a cartoon character.  

"Do you guys have any alcohol?"

Name:  DMA Insertlastnamehere
First Apearance: A Tumblr Post
Last Apearance: TBA
Voice Actor: Ethan

List of deaths: 

The Infiltration: Blew up.