Cody Kealohaokahonua Harrison is the voice actor for Cody in TheMewx.

Cody's Derp Face

Wait a minute... so it's not pronounced "juh-gif?"

Early Life:

Cody Kealohaokahonua Harrison was born at Long Beach Community Hospital on 24 May 1998. He grew up in Honolulu on the island of O'ahu in Hawaii. In 2003, when he was five, his family moved to Los Angeles, and for three years, he lived there with his mother, father, older sister Chenin, and new little sister Cayla, and Cody went to First Baptist Church of Lakewood Schools (now Lakewood Christian School). In 2006, his father announced that his job was relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. They moved there in the following March, where Cody went to a public school for the first time. In 2009, during the 5th grade, Cody became a Boy Scout, and the following year he met Ethan Bell, who was a transfer from a different troop. They both realized that they were into art and drawing, which is when the two became fast friends. Two years later, he was at a church youth group, where he met John. He was impersonating a Team Fortress 2 Soldier taunt, and John said "Nice taunt, you play TF2 also?" So, they became fast friends. Then, Cody had the crazy idea to introduce John to Ethan and vice versa. And thus, TheMewx as we know it was created.

Present Day:

Cody is currently the voice-actor for himself in the animated series, TheMewx. His channel ChainReactionsPro, that he shares with John, is mostly full of sketches that Cody and John star in themselves, but they hope to start uploading their Minecraft series that they have started to make episodes of. Cody's favorite Youtubers include himself (Narcissistic, isn't he?) and John , nicepeter , RoosterTeeth , LetsPlay , DSPGaming , The Yogscast , TheSyndicateProject , yoteslaya , theslowmoguys , eddsworld , TomSka , DarkSquidge (I know they're both made by the same person) epicLLOYD , ERB , JohnRamboPresents , FreshOJSomePulp , MatthewPatrick13 , and TheMewx (Suck up).


Despite the fact that the fans compare him to Tom from Eddsworld (probably due to the blue hoodie), Cody sees himself more as Matt, due to his vanity and narcissism.